John Lees is a superhero historian, well known for chronicling the real-life history of superheroes in two best-selling books, The Mask Age: 40 Years of Flying and Punching Evil in the Face and Why, Yes, I AM Wearing Spandex.  His particular area of interest and expertise has long been Gilbert Graham, the original Standard.  He has spent years researching The Standard’s cultural impact, even spending a year living in Sky City to gain a deeper understanding of where and how the superhero phenomenom was born.  This blog is the latest avenue through which he hopes to share his findings.

John currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland.  Rumors that he leads a double life as crime-fighter Captain Clyde are unsubstantiated.

The Standard is a 6-issue comic book miniseries, the story of two different men from two different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. Today, he is a celebrity with his own reality TV show. But when a catastrophic event brings the two generations into collision, The Standard is forced to ask if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world.

You can buy The Standard #1 in print from ComixTribe and  Indyplanet, priced at $3.99, or digitally from Graphicly, Wowio, DriveThruComics and MyDigitalComics, priced at $1.99.  You can also buy it in comic stores in Glasgow.

You can buy The Standard #2 in print from ComixTribe and IndyPlanet, priced at $3.99, or digitally from Graphicly, Wowio,DriveThruComics and MyDigitalComics, priced at $1.99.  You can also buy it in comic stores in Glasgow.

Writer – John Lees

Artist – Jonathan Rector

Colorist – Mike Gagnon

Letterer –  Kel Nuttall

Editor – Steven Forbes

For more information, contact

15 Responses to “About”

  1. Michael said

    what?! no place for Fan Art?! What gives? Let me know when the printed Standard comic is out.

  2. John Lees said

    All fan art is welcome! Just send it over to, and it will be published on the blog.

    And look out for info on the printed comic soon, likely at some point in the coming week!


    – John Lees

  3. Alex said

    Hello. Will you be attending and have copies of The Standard at next weeks Glasgow Comic Con?

    • John Lees said

      Hey Alex!

      Yeah, I’ll be at Glasgow Comic Con. By my understanding, all the SICBA-nominated comics will be featured in a “pop-up comic shop” on the convention floor, so yes, you should be able to get copies of The Standard #1 there.

      See you there!

      – John

  4. Luke said

    Hey, will you have issues of The Stander issue 3 at Glasgow comic con 2012?

  5. John Lees said

    Hey Luke!

    I was hoping to see you at the Comic and Toy Fair last week! I was selling The Standard #3 there. It’s available now in Forbidden Planet, A1 Comics and Plan B Books in Glasgow. But I’m hoping to be at Glasgow Comic Con 2012, so you should also be able to pick up a copy there.

    Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy the comic!

    – John

  6. Annie said

    Really enjoy the #1 issue that i got at NYC comic con this year…thanks for stopping me to purchase the issue.

    • John Lees said

      Hey Annie!

      Thanks for picking up the first issue, and thanks for stopping by here and letting me know you read it. I’ll be back at New York Comic Con this year, so you can come find us at the ComixTribe table and get more Standard goodies!🙂

      – John

  7. Josh Dahl said

    Hey, John, I just finished the copy of The Standard that I bought off of you at NYCC and I think it’s great. You really delivered on that “good guys should be good” thing.
    Well done.

  8. Hey ! Where can you buy a physical copy in U.K. if you cant get to Glasgow?

    • John Lees said

      Hey Kevin!

      Outside of Glasgow, THE STANDARD has been available in a few comic shops around the UK. I know OK Comics in Leeds and Gosh Comics in London had it in stock, and I believe most Forbidden Planets were selling it. However, I think it’s sold out from most places. Your best bet may be getting it online. It’s available from a few eBay stores, or direct from ComixTribe. Good luck in tracking it down!

  9. Hi there.
    Will you be punting The Standard at Glasgow Comic Con 2013? Just started reading again after 17 year absence from comics and love the sound of this comic !

    • John Lees said

      Thanks for your interest, Kevin. Yes, I will be at Glasgow Comic Con this summer! I’ll be punting a graphic novel collecting the first 3 issues of THE STANDARD, as well as the Diamond edition of THE STANDARD #1, and hopefully a Glasgow-exclusive edition of THE STANDARD #4. I also plan to be selling some of my new comics, the first issues of AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE and BAD SUN. I hope to see you there!

      • You will indeed and I shall be purchasing by the sounds of it ! First time at any kind of Comic Con or meeting for me so looking forward to travelling to civilisation and hopefully find some titles to take up.

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